2 Day Intensive Workshop

Our reality TV industry experts will teach you everything you need to know to concept, write, and produce a reality show pilot and sell it to networks in a 2 day accelorated intensive workshop.

  • Bring Your Show Ideas

    We like it when students come preparred with great ideas, pitches and even pilot episodes. We'll help refine your ideas and make your concept TV ready.

    During the development bootcamp session of our workshop we'll take your show ideas and help refine them to make them a great fit for a national television audience.

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  • You Won't Get This In College

    College is great for learning prodcution and theory. But the way the business of television actually oporates is something of a mystery to students and professors.

    The information assembled in this course would take a person nearly a decade of trials and failures to figure out. We've done the hard work and have put all of it into this class.

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  • 8 Fail-proof Steps to Success

    We lay out 8 specific steps to follow in great detail that will get your show sold. Our proven techniques are presented in great detail and are very effective at maximizing your chances of getting your program on TV.

    This information is presented as a clear straightforward strategy that anyone can impliment to start having success now.
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What people are saying

"If you want to make films - go to film school. If you want to make money - go to reality TV school" Dave K. - Chicago

"This might be the best investment I've ever made. I got my money's worth in the first half hour" Sally G. - St. Louis

" I learned more from this class about the television business than I learned in 2 years at college" Heather P - Portland

Meet the Instructor

    Reality TV School

    12 Year Reality Veteran

    Our instuctor has been in television business for over 12 years.

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